ooc // can’t believe it 

Wow. Just…just wow.

I’ve been following the TTI blog for a long time now, and all of its roleplayers. I don’t have to be here long to feel the following.

Already I can tell you guys that the roleplayers of ‘The Tardis Irregulars’ are dear to me. They are my friends and they are my colleagues. They are amazing people and wonderfully creative and intelligent, and it breaks my heart to know they’re being attacked like this.

So to you fucking cowards hiding behind the anon faces: shove it.

You impress no one by acting like a self-absorbed know-it-all, and on a website intended for nothing else but enjoyment your acid spewing is completely and entirely unwelcome.

So do everyone and yourself a favor — don’t embarrass yourself anymore.


Yours truly,

Elizabeth Janet Holmes

"John Watson" of TTI

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